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About Us

Our Story

PSO Belgium started in 2016 from the observation that Project Management Office(r)s missed a better defined job description and were lacking good specific practices.

Our observation: PMO Managers and PMO Officers are part of an operational service managing project data as would an accounting department do; but often they are coming from the project management pool of experts who have difficulties with daily recurrent operational tasks.

We are driven by the creation of values through people education

Whatever is your starting point, we accompany you and your collaborators on a journey to a succesful culture of project management. We will experiment and fail together to learn fast…

People oriented

Of course there are processes, tools and templates as tangible deliverables. But we measure our value creation through enabling and empowering your collaborators to make them capable.

Deeply Commited

Mission driven approach, we leave the place only with a fully operational “business stable situation”. Your company gets to a situation of 100% capacity and capabilities continuing the development of the company project culture.

Highly Skilled

30+ years of experience in project, programme and portfolio management, within startups and international entreprise contexts, with an open-minded approach mixing agile and classical project management practices